Shared services health insurance savings are elusive

Albany Times Union

The town of Westerlo has only nine full-time employees, but ever-rising health insurance costs are nonetheless a concern in the Hilltown community, just like they are everywhere else.

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State forms Council on Women and Girls

Albany Times Union

A state council was launched Wednesday that will focus on New York policies impacting education and health care in an effort to ensure the experiences of women and girls are taken into account during policymaking.

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State investment in Medicaid? There’s more variety than you think

Democrat & Chronicle

Medicaid and its sister program, Medicare, were created by the federal government in 1965 in what generally is considered the greatest expansion of social welfare since the advent of Social Security in the 1930’s.

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Republicans have made too many promises to repeal ObamaCare easily

The Hill

Eight months into the year, and Congress—especially the Senate—is still struggling to repeal ObamaCare.

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Drug Puts A $750,000 ‘Price Tag On Life’

Kaiser Health News

Jana Gundy and Amanda Chaffin live within two hours of each other in Oklahoma. Each has a child with the same devastating disease, one that robs them of muscle strength, affecting their ability to sit, stand or even breathe.

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Appeals court rules states can fight to preserve ACA subsidies

Modern Healthcare

A federal appeals court on Tuesday said state attorneys general can defend the Affordable Care Act’s cost-sharing subsidies in a legal case over whether the federal government must keep making the payments.

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How hospitals could kill the health insurance industry


Some of the world’s most powerful retailers have been brought to their knees in recent years thanks to the “Amazon effect.”

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