Health Insurers Make Case for Subsidies, but Get Little Assurance From Administration

New York Times

Health insurers pressed Trump administration officials on Tuesday to continue billions of dollars in subsidies for low-income people buying plans under the federal health care law, but left with nothing that would dissipate the fog of uncertainty hanging over the industry.

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How the feds are letting germs run wild in hospitals

New York Post

Going into a hospital? It’s getting riskier because of drug-resistant infections — the kind almost no drug can cure.

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NY Fed survey: Rising health, benefits costs worry employers


The rising cost of employee health insurance and other benefits is the biggest problem that factories across New York State and service businesses in the metropolitan area face, according to two new polls by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

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Secret Data On Hospital Inspections May Soon Become Public


The public could soon get a look at confidential reports about errors, mishaps and mix-ups in the nation’s hospitals that put patients’ health and safety at risk, under a groundbreaking proposal from federal health officials.

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NYS to invest $6.5 million to expand mental health services for children


Governor Cuomo announced Tuesday that $6.5 million has been awarded to pediatric and family medical practices across New York State, including more than $700, 000 for for two facilities in Central New York.

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