For more than 80 years, we have been a leader in providing individual, institutional and corporate clients with a comprehensive array of legal and government relations services that few other firms can match. Located in the heart of New York State Government, we offer clients a wide range of practice expertise, from health law to health insurance, life insurance to financial planning, and labor to education and government relations.

Our outstanding reputation combined with our long-standing relationships with government, judiciary and business leaders makes the difference for our clients.

Successful outcomes begin with strong partnerships, and we approach every issue and problem in the spirit of collaboration and teamwork. Our attorneys work closely with clients, formulating innovative approaches to accomplish specific goals. Our team of experienced professionals has strong relationships with key decision-makers and strong knowledge of the intricacies and protocols of government institutions. Our attorneys and other professional staff provide a full range of services – advocating for clients before the New York Legislature and state regulatory agencies, drafting legislation, insuring smooth implementation of new laws, guiding clients through the government regulatory process, and litigating when necessary.

2016TUTWPBadgeAt Hinman Straub, results matter. And we deliver. From co-authoring components of the landmark Health Care Reform Act, to helping to create a fair playing field for assisted living facilities, to securing adequate financing for tuition assistance programs, Hinman Straub attorneys and other professional staff continue to be at the forefront of landmark legislative and legal victories in a range of areas and industries.

We represent the interests of a diverse array of businesses and individuals, from Fortune 500 companies to associations and local governments. However, the best measure of our success continues to be the loyalty of our clients. Year after year, they continue to choose Hinman Straub.

Our Partners

Hinman Straub Advisors, LLC

Our government relations partner, Hinman Straub Advisors LLC, provides expert assistance in representing our clients before government decision- makers. Hinman Straub Advisors creates a strategy tailored to achieve clients’ specific objectives, advocating directly to State Assembly and Senate leaders, senior staff and the Executive Branch. Hinman Straub Advisors’ collective base of experience, in collaboration with more than two dozen Hinman Straub attorneys and other professionals who represent clients in various federal and state legislative, regulatory and agency forums, enables us to respond to clients’ needs in an aggressive, efficient and successful manner.

Corning Place Communications, LLC

Founded in 2000, Corning Place Communications LLC is the communications, media relations and public affairs partner of Hinman Straub. This award-winning firm provides expert strategic and crisis communications services, as well as the development and delivery of creative advocacy campaigns.

Corning Place’s talented team of professionals know how important it is to cut through the day-to-day clutter, elevate an issue, and ensure that their clients’ points of view are clearly seen, heard and understood.

The success of Corning Place Communications is based on experience, creativity and focus. Corning Place’s communications experts will lead you through a process to identify your needs, develop an appropriate approach to address the problem and execute a plan that meets your objectives.

To learn how Corning Place Communications can help your organization realize its goals, strengthen its position in the marketplace, meet a complex challenge, or set a successful course for the future, visit their website.