With lobbying and political activities under greater scrutiny than ever before at all levels of government, you need counsel who can steer you knowledgeably through intricate and ever-changing regulations. Hinman Straub is pro-active in terms of lobbying compliance, both on our own behalf and on behalf of our clients.

New York’s lawmakers recently revised the State’s ethics and lobbying laws — the second major overhaul of these laws since 2007.

Hinman Straub provides clients with guidance on lobbying and ethics compliance to ensure that all lobbying activities in which your company or organization are involved are conducted with the highest degree of legal and ethical awareness. We provide counsel to clients with issues before the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, the New York City Lobbying Bureau, the State Attorney General’s Office, and the State Legislature, and will help you meet all lobbying registration and disclosure and public ethics laws.

The services we offer our clients include the following:

  • Helping clients steer clear of ethical conflicts;
  • Ensuring the timely and accurate lobbying registration of clients;
  • developing a lobbying compliance plan and assisting in the implementation of such plan;
  • providing training to our clients’ lobbying staff and support personnel to ensure their familiarity with lobbying laws and related requirements;
  • serving as a resource to our clients, making sure they are aware of changes in the law, and assisting in the resolution of any issues that arise moving forward;
  • Assisting clients who are audited by the JCOPE; and
  • Responding to other JCOPE inquiries.

Elections and Campaign Finance

We also advise corporate and nonprofit clients, business organizations, issue organizations, and others on local, state and federal campaign finance and election laws.

Among other things, we have advised clients on creating and structuring appropriate entities for political involvement, ensuring that applicable laws are followed, and managing compliance and reporting responsibilities.

Meet Our Lobbying, Ethics and Elections Compliance Professionals