Since 1932, Hinman Straub has been one of Albany’s most well-respected law firms; providing clients with a comprehensive array of legal and government relations services that few other firms can match.

It was the height of the Great Depression when Harold J. Hinman joined with son-in-law J. Vanderbilt Straub to launch Hinman Straub. Hinman had served in the State Assembly before going on to serve as a justice of the Supreme Court, Appellate Division. The Firm’s major practice was in representing area banks, defending insurance companies, and trusts and estates.

The Firm grew slowly, building on its strengths, and by 1972 had eight lawyers. As state government grew – both in size and complexity – in the 1970’s, the Firm’s leadership recognized that many clients needed assistance negotiating the complexities of government. To meet this need, they established one of Albany’s first government relations practices.

Building on the Firm’s successful law practice as a foundation, our early government relations clients included public sector unions and others seeking assistance in navigating the halls of the Capitol and the back alleyways of state agencies.

The 1980’s and 1990’s brought another period of growth for the Firm. Hinman Straub’s ability to effectively represent clients’ interests in different ways – from lobbying to litigation – was and remains unique among area firms. As the growth of state government continued, especially in terms of larger and more active state agencies, Hinman Straub grew to take on its clients’ regulatory work before agencies.

Today, Hinman Straub offers our clients a wide range of solutions, offering expertise in areas from health law to health insurance, life insurance to financial planning, and labor to education and government relations.

We represent the interests of a diverse array of businesses, individuals and other entities, from Fortune 500 companies to associations and local governments. Our professionals work closely with our clients to formulate innovative approaches to accomplish specific goals.

Our outstanding reputation in the legal community, combined with our long-standing relationships with government, judiciary and business leaders, makes Hinman Straub the area’s premier law and government relations firm.