To be successful in the constantly evolving health care marketplace, you need expert advice and counsel. Hinman Straub sets the standard.

From business transactions to legislative representation to regulatory approvals, we continue to provide clients with unmatched expertise and results. Our clients include HMOs, insurers, physicians, independent practice associations, diagnostic and treatment centers, dialysis providers, home health agencies, hospices and adult care facilities.

Health Care Industry Business Transactions

The highly-skilled professionals on our Health Law team have years of experience in the health care industry, assisting clients to successfully plan, structure, negotiate and implement sophisticated transactions and to obtain all related regulatory approvals. We have assisted clients through an array of mergers, acquisitions, affiliations and sales of assets. Additionally, we have helped HMOs and health insurance companies to organize and become licensed in the State of New York, including providing counsel on structuring and financing the new company and guiding it through the licensure process.

Managed Care Contracting and Financial Risk Sharing

Hinman Straub was among the first law firms in New York to develop an expertise in managed care provider contracting from both the payor and provider perspective. We are experienced in negotiating the details of contracts with financial risk, employing a sophisticated knowledge of the operational pitfalls and the legal issues involved. In addition, we have assisted specialty networks such as mental health providers, alternate site infusion therapy providers and renal dialysis providers in establishing networks and negotiating arrangements with payors.