Blame Game Over High Drug Prices Escalates With New Ad


New punches were thrown in the blame game over U.S. drug prices Thursday.

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House Republicans are finally making a big admission: They like Obamacare!

Albany Times Union

The first explanation for why House Republicans weren’t even trying to repeal most of the insurance-regulation provisions in Obamacare — provisions that Republicans have been complaining for years are needlessly driving up insurance premiums — was that Senate rules would make it impossible to do so without Democratic votes.

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Federal Judge Sees New York State Conspiracy to Thwart Care for Mentally Ill

Pro Publica

The judge who oversaw landmark case involving troubled homes for the mentally ill sends word to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman that state’s efforts to undermine care must end.

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Investors in New York digital health ‘recalibrating’ amid uncertainty over Trump policies

Modern Healthcare

Fundraising efforts by the city’s digital health companies suffered in the first quarter amid continuing uncertainty about the future of President Donald Trump’s health care policies, said Unity Stoakes, co-founder and president of StartUp Health.

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Close to Half of American Adults Infected With HPV, Survey Finds

New York Times

More than 42 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 59 are infected with genital human papillomavirus, according to the first survey to look at the prevalence of the virus in the adult population.

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Aetna to stop selling Iowans individual health insurance plans

Des Moines Register

A second major health-insurer has decided to quit selling individual policies in Iowa, raising fears that tens of thousands of Iowans will have no options for coverage next year.

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