Health Headlines for Monday, December 3

Employers Change Tactics to Curb Health-Insurance Costs

Wall Street Journal

Company leaders are grappling with how to deal with the rising cost of health insurance in ways that get beyond the longtime strategy of simply passing on more of the burden to workers.

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Without an Obamacare penalty, many are planning to drop health plans. The consequences could be dire

Los Angeles Times

Dana Farrell’s car insurance is due. So is her homeowner’s insurance — plus her property taxes. It’s also time to re-up her health coverage. But that’s where Farrell, a 54-year-old former social worker, is drawing the line.

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Look who is getting protected from single-payer health insurance

New York Post

Public-sector unions are definitely off the bandwagon for single-payer health insurance in New York, because it’s a bad deal for them. Of course, that’s true for most New Yorkers.

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To Reduce Seniors’ Drug Costs, Expand Medicare Advantage

National Review

As prescription-drug costs have risen steadily in recent years, politicians of both parties have made audacious claims that billions could be saved by imposing lower prices on drugmakers.

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Medicare Cuts Payments To Nursing Homes Whose Patients Keep Ending Up In Hospital

Kaiser Health News

The federal government has taken a new step to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions of nursing home patients by lowering a year’s worth of payments to nearly 11,000 nursing homes. It gave bonuses to nearly 4,000 others.

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Elected officials must work together to solve health care issues: Letter

Poughkeepsie Journal

As the dust begins to settle from the mid-term elections and while most race results have been finalized, it’s apparent that New Yorkers clearly had health care on their minds when they entered the voting booths.

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